City Building Permits Issued 6-16-2017 #2

Building Permit Listing For the Period 6-12-2017 though 6-16-2017
ProjectPermit TypePermit #OwnerAddressContractorTotal FeeProject ValuationPermit Issued Date
CommercialRe-Roof17OC3003311ADVANCED BUILT GREEN LLC805 MORMON Pl Las Cruces, NMWAGNER HOMES INC$122.01$16,000.0006/14/2017
CommercialRe-Roof17OC3003426SISBARRO MANAGEMENT LLC900 S VALLEY Dr Las Cruces, NMLiberty General Construction$96.67$11,698.0006/14/2017
CommercialRe-Roof17OC3003449ACHEN JAY BRADLEY3301 S MAIN St Las Cruces, NMSMITH ROOFING INC$95.32$11,469.0006/12/2017
ResidentialAddition17RB2003088THATCHER BONNIE L5165 ROSSMAN Ave Las Cruces, NMALLIED CONSTRUCTION$57.21$5,000.0006/12/2017
ResidentialAddition17RB2003361VALENZUELA SYLVIA M & DOMINGA A VA2209 SOLAR Las Cruces, NMSYLVIA M VALENZUELA$30.00$750.0006/13/2017
ResidentialAlteration17RB2502578NEWTON JOEL T2610 S SOLANO Dr Apt C Las Cruces, NMAMERICAN SOUTHWEST CONTRACTORS LTD CO$335.44$64,500.0006/16/2017
ResidentialNew17RB0503200LALLA MICHAEL B & SHARON A3181 RIO ARRIZA Loop Las Cruces, NMSPIRIT VIEW HOMES$6,727.76$125,000.0006/12/2017
ResidentialNew17RB0503225CHAVEZ YADIRA2623 POCO LOMAS Ct Las Cruces, NMEAGLE VIEW CONTRACTORS, LLC$7,191.30$144,839.0006/16/2017
ResidentialNew17RB0503254SIERRA NORTE DEVELOPMENT INC3656 SANTA ADRIANA Ave Las Cruces, NMArista Development$6,722.03$202,518.0006/12/2017
ResidentialNew17RB0503272COPPER CANYON HOMES LLC4355 ISLETA Ct Las Cruces, NMCopper Canyon Homes, LLC$7,015.04$310,730.0006/14/2017
ResidentialNew17RB0503318GAMON JUAN J JR & MARINA GAMON5945 MUNOZ Rd Las Cruces, NMHOMEOWNER$260.40$150,880.0006/15/2017
ResidentialNew17RB0503320RINCONADA DEV OF LAS CRUCES LLC3857 CALLE ARRIBA Las Cruces, NMSPIRIT VIEW HOMES$6,955.68$150,000.0006/14/2017
ResidentialNew17RB0503341SIERRA NORTE DEVELOPMENT INC3664 SANTA ADRIANA Ave Las Cruces, NMARISTA DEVELOPMENT LLC$4,948.47$180,704.0006/12/2017
ResidentialNew17RB0503376TIERRA DEL SOL ASSET & HOLDING LLC4379 PASEO DEL ORO Cir Las Cruces, NMSUN VIEW BUILDERS$4,708.80$100,000.0006/14/2017
ResidentialNew17RB0503395SIERRA NORTE DEVELOPMENT INC3696 SANTA ADRIANA Ave Las Cruces, NMSPIRIT VIEW HOMES$5,096.11$150,000.0006/14/2017
ResidentialNew17RB0503418BLUE HORSE DEVELOPMENT INC1602 SANTA THOMAS St Las Cruces, NMDesert View Homes, LLC$2,550.71$186,910.0006/13/2017
ResidentialNew17RB05034274788 SONORAN Ave Las Cruces, NMDesert View Homes, LLC$4,887.23$168,900.0006/14/2017
ResidentialNew17RB0503437RUBIO ERNESTO1217 FRIENDSHIP Dr Las Cruces, NMRUBIOS CONSTRUCTION$6,751.15$75,000.0006/16/2017
ResidentialNew17RB0503596BLUE HORSE DEVELOPMENT INC2899 BORROUGHS St Las Cruces, NMDesert View Homes LLC$4,330.71$180,900.0006/16/2017
ResidentialNew17RB0503606BLUE HORSE DEVELOPMENT INC3019 SAN ELIZARIO Ct Las Cruces, NMDesert View Homes, LLC$2,149.70$180,900.0006/16/2017
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3502662WOFFORD DANIEL M & RACHAEL P2105 SORRENTO Pl Las Cruces, NMWESTERN ENTERPRISES$193.20$31,000.0006/16/2017
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3503155ZUMWALT JAMES B5101 WILT Ave Las Cruces, NMWORK MONSTER LLC$50.15$3,800.0006/12/2017
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3503169ICKLER SIEBERT & PATRICIA650 E FARNEY Ln Las Cruces, NMFishman Construction$107.48$13,534.0006/12/2017
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3503399GARCIA OFELIA INFANTE1045 MARILISSA Ln Las Cruces, NMFORT SELDEN BUILDERS INC$107.28$13,500.0006/12/2017
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3503405KELLEY MICHAEL R & MONIQUE G3741 AGATE St Las Cruces, NMProgreen Superior Coatings and Roofing$75.55$8,113.0006/12/2017
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3503412GUADERRAMA-LEVINE LACY & ANTHONY M3777 DAMONITE Ct Las Cruces, NMRADIUM SPRINGS CONSTRUCTION$67.39$6,726.0006/12/2017
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3503422MESILLA VALLEY PUBLIC HOUSING AUTH1532 CORBETT Dr Las Cruces, NMWORK MONSTER LLC$73.20$7,714.0006/16/2017
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3503424ROYAL PROPERTIES LLC1965 CAMELOT Dr Las Cruces, NMSERNA CONSTRUCTION LLC$77.83$8,500.0006/12/2017
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3503430CASTILLO CIPRIANO & ESTELLA TRUSTE1821 VIEW Ct Las Cruces, NMProgreen Superior Coatings and Roofing$91.97$10,900.0006/13/2017
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3503447HAMLIN BRENT H & TINA A4082 GILA Trl Las Cruces, NMNISSI CONSTRUCTION LLC$103.28$12,820.0006/14/2017
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3503452VIGIL LUIZ1224 SKYWAY Dr Las Cruces, NMTORRES CONSTRUCTION$154.15$21,457.0006/13/2017
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3503456LUCY EDA J625 S ESPINA St Las Cruces, NMHOMEOWNER$64.88$6,300.0006/15/2017
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3503457ROYAL PROPERTIES LLC1920 BROMILOW St Las Cruces, NMSERNA CONSTRUCTION LLC$80.79$9,000.0006/12/2017
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3503486CAMUNEZ ROSANNE & LARRY G LOPEZ833 N ALAMEDA Blvd Las Cruces, NMNEW MEXICO COMPANIES LLC$176.70$27,765.0006/13/2017
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3503500ROBERTS LOWELL G & BARBARA A4238 CERES Ct Las Cruces, NMRoof Concepts$113.17$14,500.0006/13/2017
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3503501UNRUH JIM4038 PINERIDGE RUN Las Cruces, NMROADRUNNER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY$76.38$8,253.0006/13/2017
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3503504SANDY MARCUS & AJA L4744 SALADO CREEK St Las Cruces, NMCUTTING EDGE INDUSTRIES LLC$71.83$7,480.0006/13/2017
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3503508RONGA MICHELLE A & ANTHONY R5149 SAN CARLOS Ct Las Cruces, NMNEW MEXICO COMPANIES LLC$125.86$16,654.0006/13/2017
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3503511CANTONWINE WILLIAM FRED & GLORIA G1168 HOWELL Rd Las Cruces, NMRHINO ROOFING$67.76$6,790.0006/14/2017
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3503518PERKINS ELAINE3430 PARK RIDGE Pl Las Cruces, NMVICTORY CONSTRUCTION$74.89$8,000.0006/16/2017
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3503536AUTRY KEITH & ORALIA980 VAN PATTEN Ave Las Cruces, NM$42.83$1,700.0006/13/2017
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3503555GRIDER DOROTHY & JAMES L & RONALD809 RALEIGH RD Las Cruces, NMLUCAS & GODFREY ENTERPRISES$99.98$12,260.0006/14/2017
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3503558ZAMORA LARRY A & SABRINA S2754 CROWN POINT Ct Las Cruces, NMCORONA'S PLASTERING LLC$118.66$15,432.0006/16/2017
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3503577LUBBERS DAVID M & CAROLYN M1144 KILBOURNE HOLE Dr Las Cruces, NMSUNIGA'S ROOFING$80.71$8,988.0006/16/2017
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3503581HOLGUIN ALFONSO A & BARBARA A1345 GROVER Dr Las Cruces, NMRADIUM SPRINGS CONSTRUCTION$90.80$9,880.0006/15/2017
* Information provided by LCHBA from information provided by City of Las Cruces and Dona Ana County permit offices