City Building Permits Issued 12/15/17

For the Period 12/11/2017 through 12/15/2017        
ProjectPermit TypePermit #OwnerAddressContractorTotal FeeProject ValuationIssued Date
CommercialAlteration17CB1505210ARC CAFEUSA001 LLC1155 EL PASEO Rd Las Cruces, NMZIA CONTRACTORS LLC527.8512500043084
CommercialAlteration17CB1507545T D INDUSTRIES INC1025 SPRUCE AVE Las Cruces, NMDESERT SPRINGS CONSTRUCTION102.66400043082
ResidentialAlteration17RB2505278LOCKYEAR PRISCILLA B1803 HALFMOON Dr Las Cruces, NMMOUNTAIN VIEW MECHANICAL LLC51.33350043083
ResidentialNew Single Family Dwelling17RB0506023R BUILDERS INC4734 WHITNEY Pl Las Cruces, NMR BUILDERS INC4924.1112000043080
ResidentialNew Single Family Dwelling17RB05073604846 VILLETA Ave Las Cruces, NMDesert View Homes, LLC4865.9417535543080
ResidentialNew Single Family Dwelling17RB0507374TAYVIS DEVELOPMENT LLC3908 ADRIATIC Rd Las Cruces, NMBrown, Hayward Construction, LLC4944.5516000043080
ResidentialNew Single Family Dwelling17RB0507492BLUE HORSE DEVELOPMENT INC3034 SAN ELIZARIO Ct Las Cruces, NMDesert View Homes, LLC2326.916371043082
ResidentialNew Single Family Dwelling17RB05075204893 CALIFA Ave Las Cruces, NMHAKES BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION LLC4886.2417499043082
ResidentialNew Single Family Dwelling17RB05075224887 VILLETA Ave Las Cruces, NMHAKES BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION LLC4921.1118599043084
ResidentialNew Single Family Dwelling17RB05075233649 CABRILLO Ct Las Cruces, NMHAKES BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION LLC5267.6725499043084
ResidentialNew Single Family Dwelling17RB05075333689 LUNETTA Ct Las Cruces, NMHAKES BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION LLC5150.8422999043083
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3507356ORMAND HANNAH E1125 KILBOURNE HOLE Dr Las Cruces, NMTORRES CONSTRUCTION74.89800043080
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3507567WILLIAMS CLORINDA M & RICKEY EARL2236 CALAIS Ave Las Cruces, NMProgreen Superior Coatings and Roofing133.791700043082
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3507569MAGALLANES JOE & APRIL700 E LAS CRUCES Ave Las Cruces, NMJOE & APRIL MAGALLANES74.89800043080
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3507575BACA PATRICK J & CHRISTINA J3205 MAJESTIC RDG Las Cruces, NMBEAR CREEK BUILDERS LLC169.131785043080
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3507577BARTON PATRICIA A5008 ARENA Dr Las Cruces, NMBEAR CREEK BUILDERS LLC80.78700043080
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3507582MONTANO VITA3700 AGATE St Las Cruces, NMZIA SUN CONSTRUCTORS INC69675243080
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3507586ROBINSON ROBERT3522 CHACOMA CT Las Cruces, NMEXPERT CONSTRUCTION INC74.89754943080
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3507589HENDON DAVID L & KIM D5187 EMERALD St Las Cruces, NMNISSI CONSTRUCTION LLC86.67947643080
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3507615SMITH SHERRYL & JASON1311 WYOMING Ave Las Cruces, NMDJ WALKER CONSTRUCTION LLC80.79845243084
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3507627CHANDLER LAWRENCE J & YONG HUI1032 AGUILERA Ct Las Cruces, NMROOF CONCEPTS69700043082
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3507628MCGUIRE JUDITH1803 POPLAR Ave Las Cruces, NMCLAYTON DONNELLY ROOFING63.11600043082
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3507693GUERRERO MARTIN & ALMA1413 EVELYN ST Las Cruces, NMHOMEOWNER AS PERMITEE35.35100043083
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3507695ARELLANO JAVIER H1190 TURKEY KNOB Dr Las Cruces, NMTORRES CONSTRUCTION69600043084
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3507696VALLES LUIS3936 AGUA CLARA Ave Las Cruces, NMELOY'S LANDSCAPING SERVICES74.89800043083
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3507713OLIVER JACOB & KATIE4558 HILLSBORO Loop Las Cruces, NMProgreen Superior Coatings and Roofing74.89715543083
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3507735PHH MORTGAGE CORPORATION3078 RIO ARRIZA Loop Las Cruces, NMPHH MORTGAGE CORPORATION51.33370043084
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3507744TURNBULL DAVID K & NEDDY N2062 FRAN Dr Las Cruces, NMDOUBLE H CONSTRUCTION60.59826543084
*Information provided by LCHBA from information provided by City Of Las Cruces and Dona Ana County Permit Offices*