City Building Permit Issued 1-5-2018

Building Permit Listing For the Period 1/1/2018 through 1/5/2018
ProjectPermit TypePermit #OwnerAddressContractorTotal FeeProject ValuationIssued Date
CommercialAlteration17CB1507195MCCASLIN JAMES W & LANETTE D FAM TR665 E UNIVERSITY Ave Apt C Las Cruces, NMDouble R Construction LLC86.671000043102
ResidentialAlteration17RB2504166KINNERUP JAMES J & CORINA2116 SORRENTO Pl Las Cruces, NMJAMES J & CORINA KINNERUP51.33400043102
ResidentialAlteration17RB2507894TORRES ALEJANDRO & MARIA L1016 AGUILERA CT Las Cruces, NMMARIA TORRES45.44300043105
ResidentialAlteration17RB2507907COVERDELL CHERYL LYNN293 PAWNEE Las Cruces, NM57.22500043102
ResidentialAlteration17RB2507908GARCIA DOLORES ANN4244 CHARLES St Las Cruces, NM63.11600043102
ResidentialNew Single Family Dwelling17RB0507203MART & JACK LLC1031 CORTE AGUILA Las Cruces, NMORGAN VISTA CONSTRUCTION, LLC7060.8347500043102
ResidentialNew Single Family Dwelling17RB0507613SIERRA NORTE DEVELOPMENT INC3681 MAYA Ct Las Cruces, NMARISTA DEVELOPMENT LLC4942.9523329543103
ResidentialNew Single Family Dwelling17RB0507779CASSIDY GENE & DONA ELAYN CASSIDY4468 MARICOPA Cir Las Cruces, NMGOLD KEY CONTRACTORS7034.9215700043103
ResidentialNew Single Family Dwelling18RB0500010FHP HOLDING LLC4689 MESA RICO Dr Las Cruces, NMKT HOMES LLC4427.7814000043103
ResidentialNew Single Family Dwelling18RB0500011MGE LAND INC4611 MESA CENTRAL Dr Las Cruces, NMKT HOMES LLC4427.9214000043103
ResidentialNew Single Family Dwelling18RB0500073TIERRA DEL SOL ASSET & HOLDING LLC4402 PASEO DEL ORO Cir Las Cruces, NMSUN VIEW BUILDERS4893.5810000043104
ResidentialNew Single Family Dwelling18RB0500074TIERRA DEL SOL ASSET & HOLDING LLC4354 PASEO DEL ORO Cir Las Cruces, NMSUN VIEW BUILDERS4719.5810000043104
ResidentialNew Single Family Dwelling18RB0500077TIERRA DEL SOL ASSET & HOLDING LLC4358 PASEO DEL ORO Cir Las Cruces, NMSUN VIEW BUILDERS4722.810000043104
ResidentialNew Single Family Dwelling18RB0500078TIERRA DEL SOL ASSET & HOLDING LLC4371 PASEO DEL ORO Cir Las Cruces, NMSUN VIEW BUILDERS5085.8610000043104
ResidentialNew Single Family Dwelling18RB0500088THE LARRY & JOANNA BINKLEY F R TR4410 PURPLE SAGE Dr Las Cruces, NMPlanet Development Co., Inc.7146.6440000043104
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3507078MONTIJO RAMON V & ANITTA A4898 GALINA Dr Las Cruces, NMTHE WALTER PARKER COMPANY LLC92.56935343102
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3507591SEARS TUBALCAIN5313 ISABELLA Ct Las Cruces, NMSEARS TUBALCAIN45.44270043104
ResidentialRe-Roof17OC3507955GARCIA DERRICK & MEGAN4923 ARENA Dr Las Cruces, NMJAG ROOFING SERVICE LLC69649943102
ResidentialRe-Roof18OC3500020STOVER THOMAS & ALBERT WONG & PAME1710 BALDWIN Dr Las Cruces, NMDJ WALKER CONSTRUCTION LLC92.56920243103
ResidentialRe-Roof18OC3500036ALAND SHERRIE & PAULO A OEMIG3528 ROMA DR Las Cruces, NMEXPERT CONSTRUCTION INC145.571913043103
ResidentialRe-Roof18OC3500046MULLEN DOUG L & LIZ M3521 CHACOMA Ct Las Cruces, NMDJ WALKER CONSTRUCTION LLC127.91525143105
ResidentialRe-Roof18OC3500054MCBRIDE LARRY D & RONDA K4717 WHITNEY Pl Las Cruces, NMDJ WALKER CONSTRUCTION LLC98.451103843105
ResidentialRe-Roof18OC3500067MEYER GUY3661 SIENNA Ave Las Cruces, NMGOODRICH ROOFING CO139.681870543105
ResidentialRe-Roof18OC3500118AYERS CYNTHIA G & LISA K BATES3945 AGUA DE VIDA Dr Las Cruces, NMA & A ROOFING INC110.231326843105
MiscellaneousRock Walls17OC3507871MOORE CHRISTOPHER A & EKATERINA K2611 LOS MISIONEROS Las Cruces, NM310 CONSTRUCTION LLC7501500043103
*Information provided by LCHBA from information provided by City Of Las Cruces and Dona Ana County Permit Offices*