Government Affairs Committee

The major focus of the Government Affairs Committee is representation of the interests of LCHBA members at the city, county, and state levels. Current efforts have centered on communicating with city staff and elected officials regarding the burdens of excessive regulations and the shortcomings of various review and approval processes that often add unnecessary costs to a wide range of construction projects. For example, members of the GA Committee have met with the city’s chief building official and the assistant city manager to advocate for an easing of the new regulations on rock walls and for revisions to the Sign Code. We will continue to be engaged in such efforts and others in regularly scheduled monthly meetings with the city’s chief building official. We encourage all LCHBA members to send to the office ( the details of any problems being encountered with regulations or other issues at the city, county, or state level so that we can bring those to the attention of the appropriate staff and/or elected officials and work toward a resolution of the problems.

In addition, the GA Committee discusses a variety of public policy matters—from proposals for an increase in the minimum wage to the debate over the establishment of an Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument— that might be of interest to, or have an impact on, the businesses of LCHBA members; and we will consider supporting candidates for elective office whose positions align with the interests of LCHBA members

2017 Government Affairs Chair:
Steve Montanez
Steinborn & Associates Real Estate Inc.